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      Saint Dunstan is a community of Christians under the guidance of the Holy Spirit, continuing to grow as one in Christ. We welcome all as we reach out to the entire community through Sacrament, education, support, and to pray and work for peace and justice.

      St. Dunstan, the son of a West Saxon noble, was born in A.D. 909 and received his early education from the Irish monks who had settled at Glastonbury. After living for a time at the Court of King Aethelstan, he became a monk at Glastonbury and devoted himself to the study of the Scriptures and to prayer.
      He was  appointed Bishop of Worcester and of London, and in A.D. 960, became Archbishop of Canterbury. Amongst all those who have directed the government of the State whilst holding the highest office in the Church, Dunstan is entitled to a place of honor.

      Dunstan was immediately venerated as a saint all over England when his death occurred in A.D. 988. His body was claimed by both Canterbury and Glastonbury.
      He stands as one of the greatest medieval archbishops of Canterbury. Dunstan is the patron saint of metalworkers, goldsmiths and jewelers.

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